Bartlett & Associates charges approximately R600.00 per hour.

Domestic Violence:  "This describes the many forms of abuse that may be suffered at the hands of another person that you share or shared a home with on a permanent basis or any period of time."

These forms of abuse may be found as follows:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical abuse or assault
  • Damage to property or anything you value
  • Stalking
  • Economic (Financial) abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Any other controlling or abusive behaviour that threatens your safety, health or well-being.


Protection Order: "The Court Order that tells the abuser to stop the abuse and sets certain conditions preventing the abuser from harassing or abusing the victim again.  This order assists in ensuring the abuser continues to pay monthly expenses or interim maintenance and can be used as protection by preventing the abuser from getting the aid of another to commit further acts of abuse towards you."