Maintenance is the obligation to support another person(s) with the basic rights of housing, food, clothing, education and medical care.  This financial duty applies for children or a spouse who requires the financial aid they cannot provide for themselves by a parent or spouse who is in the financial position to do so.

"Protecting the rights of children and the Family Unit"

A child remains the highest priority between a mother and father. We will stand by you and provide all the legal support needed through your maintenance application. We never give up.

Where you have been married and facing divorce and in financial turmoil we will assist you in claiming spousal maintenance so that you are able to get back onto your feet with as little disruption as possible. Our firm has handled many Rule 58 (lower court) and Rule 43 (higher court) and are confident to ensure a solution for you.

Section 15 of Chapter 4 of the Maintenance Act states that a child is entitled to maintenance to support children who are unable to support themselves.  It is the duty of both parents to support their child or children as this act does not specify that any parent is absolved of this primary care that extends to proper living and upbringing, includes the provision of food, clothing, accommodation, medical care and education.

Ms Bartlett offers a free 30 minute consultation to any parent who would like expertise in all their maintenance issued in both Pinetown Magistrate's Court and Durban Magistrate's Court.

The costs are R800.00 per hour.